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How To Sell A Vehicle At Park n Sell

We ask sellers to bring their vehicles in:

  • Clean and tidy throughout
  • Oil and water levels checked and topped up if necessary
  • At least 1/4 tank of fuel
  • A W.O.F. that has more than 8 weeks to expiry
  • Current registration

Note: An outside groom and detail company can provide their services if required. Cost of part groom is $80 to $200 for a full groom dependant on the size of vehicle.

Please bring certificate of registration with you, if these papers cannot be found Park n Sell will originate a copy for a $18 fee.

Our fee for selling is scaled on value. For example, a vehicle up to $1500 is charged at $200 for one month. A vehicle between $1500 and $2000 is charged at $250 for one month. If the vehicle is still here after one month our fee becomes charged at a small daily rate.

To sell your vehicle at Park n Sell Dunedin all you need to do is download the Vehicle Registration Card(pdf file - will open in new window). Please fill this in and bring it with you. All the information we need to sell your car is contained in the form. For any further information please phone (03) 455 5533.

To get quality bids on your vehicle follow our tips to sell your car, remember presentation is everything, the better your vehicle looks the more bids you will attract.

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